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    • Application reviewed, your English was a bit off but this is being put on pending, you have 48 hours to show up on our TeamSpeak for an interview. If you can't make it within time please contact me.   
    • In-game name: Filha SteamID and Community link: STEAM_0:0:102677223 / http://next-community.nl/index.php?/profile/60-filha/ Age: 15 will have 16 Location and Time zone: +00:01 hour (France) Hours played on Garrys Mod: 1760+ How long have you been in the community?: maybe 4 hours (The server is starting and it's closed for the moment) How many warnings do you have on our server? If so list the reasons.: I have 0 warnings Pick 3 rules, define them and write a scenario for each of them. Rule 1: MINGE and MRDM Scenario 1: There is 2 Military Police at gate that are checking ID/Opening gate, a group of recruit (they are friends) are trying to pass, on of them pass so one of the Military Police is running to catch him, the other benefits to pass too, so the other Military Police run to catch them. 5 min later the Military Polices has caught the recruits, they bring them to the jail. After the recruit can leave the jail, but they start shouting in base and behaving like kids, they find a tent where there is a tryout happening so they decide to RDM everyone (7 players). The person who were in charge of the tryout call an admin. As a good admin I’m coming to the player who report the recruits and start asking him what they did and what are they names, if he don’t remember the names I will check the logs; Then I bring and froze the 3 recruits and ask them why they RDM and scream at base, they are insulting everyone and saying that this is a shitty server, so I explain them the rules, then I warn them for MRDM/MINGE and then Ban them for 2 weeks Rule 2: NLR and FailRP Scenario 2: Basically there is a RP situation on the server, the military are fighting against the enemies. All the enemies are going to CIV town where they spawn (6 enemies in total). Everyone is on Heavy Fire. One enemy has been hit, he ask his friend to kill him so he can have full HP, he quickly respawn at the same place where they are fighting, a military saw that, he called me. As a good admin, I claim the report and go to him (using !goto ….) then I take him with my physgun to a secure place, I ask him what happened in detail, after he explain me I bring the person who asked to be killed I ask him why he asked that, and who did that (If he don’t tell me I will check the logs and my decision will be severe as he don’t want to cooperate) Then I bring the player who killed his friend and explain that that was FailRP I warn him for FailRP  then I return him. I will warn the player who wanted to have is HP back for FailRP/NLR. Then I return him (using !return ….). I thank the player who report me that. Rule 3: Advertising and Threat of HACK Scenario 3: Someone join the server, he is new and start to learn the rules of the server and how it works, he join a regiment, everything is good for him, but few hours after he joined the server he start advertising a server, he is using /ad to advert his server, in the advert he promise to give STAFF to some peoples, we start loosing players, after he advert again the same thing but he added something, he wants to hack the server. Immediately I go to him (using !goto .......) and explain him that this will result to a IP ban and Permanent BAN, after I banned him tell to HA and Owners that someone is maybe gonna hack the server. Do you have any expierience in Garrys Mod moderation and using the ULX admin system?: Yes sure I have been Head-Admin on OptizoneRP (a server with 60 players every time) and I have been Supervisor in SanctusRP.

      What can you bring to the staff team?: I should be a staff member because as I said, I have a lot of past experience in administrating a server. I love to help a community, I’m a friendly character and I like to think of myself as approachable. I can help all the players and other staff members in whatever way I can. I am always fair when it comes to any sort of situation within the server, either it be a misunderstanding or a serious offence on the server. I will always keep my cool and never lash out at any of the players on the server I’m active too . I’m very helpful and know lot of things about the server and admins commands, I know the rules and I already help to catch some players for different reason. I like to organize some event too, I have a lot of idea. P.S : Go check my profile I have proof that I already been Head-Admin my name was Lourairo: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=832938141 .  
    • In-game name: SteamID: Brief description: Photographic/video evidence: Detailed description:
    • In-game name: SteamID: Banning staff members name and rank: Reason of the ban: Date and time of occurance: Evidence of innocence/unjustification of the ban: