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    • We're sorry to see you've had to come to this section. Please use this template when appealing/requesting a ban or mute. Please give solid evidence (log etc.) if possible, as whilst we do occasionally overturn bans, it's a bit of a red letter day. Make your case as strong as possible. Thanks.   Ban Request: Player Name: SteamID: Why should he be banned: Evidence: Date of incident (to the best of your knowledge):   Unban Request: Player Name (at time of banning): SteamID: Ban Reason Given: Server Banned From: Why you believe your ban was unfair/disproportionate: Do you have any evidence to support your claim?: Date of incident:   Please follow the formats correctly or else your thread will just be locked and thrown away.
    • Server Rules and Guidelines - Hackers are not wanted here and will be kicked and banned when caught. Details and logs will be sent to EAC.
      - Don't accuse another player of griefing, abuse and/or hacking unless you have proof (recordings, screenshots). If you accuse someone of one or all of these, make sure you have the evidence before contacting the Admin.
      - Do not impersonate an Admin or any other players.
      - Excessive Trolling, Verbal or written abuse towards another player on the basis of gender, race, etc. will result in a warning or a kick. - - General trash talking is allowed to a point, but racism, personal attacks, etc is not.  If you are warned/kicked more than 3 times, you will be banned. 
      - Racist symbols and signs will result in the player being asked to remove them or kicked.  If you are warned/kicked more than 3 times, you will be banned.
      - Advertising other servers is not acceptable.
      - Flooding and/or spamming the chat, especially in CAPS will result in a warning.
      - Don't be a dick. This rule is down to the admin's discretion. Keep the bullshittery down and the shit-talking light hearted. An in-game example would be base camping without intent to breach.
      - If the Owner or Admin asks you to stop doing something that is either breaking the rules or disrupting the server, it is highly advised that you listen to them.